Update - 07.02.19

Hey there from Maypop in St. Louis, the cutest little neighborhood coffee and garden shop. I’m here for a couple days visiting my sister and then on to our hometown of Moberly, MO tomorrow evening for the holiday weekend.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks preparing for my Middle East trip, a CO visit from my in-laws, making headway on healing heath issues, traveling to see family, and getting ahead on work projects.

My “party with a purpose” on Sunday, June 23rd was a success. I felt the love and support of people from all spheres of my life: family, church, old friends, and new ones. My dear friend Maddison graciously hosted about 15 of my people and made a hummus bar with SEVEN varieties of hummus. What a gift! I got to talk about my trip and vision, and share my art in person. My hope was to send guests home inspired and provoked (in the good way!)

I met with Suzann, executive director of Beirut & Beyond, on Saturday to hash out last minute details and see her off on her trip to work for 3 months in the Middle East, where I’ll join her in just a few weeks! It’s hard to believe I fly to the Middle East in 27 days! She flies out tonight, and next time I see her will be in Amman, Jordan.

Over a parting glass of Chenin Blanc Viognier, I told her the things I still had uncertainties about, the ways I was nervous or unsure of what to expect. As I spoke, she gently laughed and reminded me of what I already know from experience traveling, experience traveling in the Middle East specifically, from a life of faith, from 29 years of living as a human: I cannot anticipate it all. I can pack snacks, I can keep asking for support, and I can find my way to a taxi to take me to an address I for sure mispronounce, but much of this journey, as with all of life, will unfold as it does.

My job is to learn and be curious.


I met, with open hands and heart, her sending vision cast for my trip: “relax, have fewer expectations, get ready to be challenged by the realities on the ground, and be prepared to be more exhausted than you can imagine.”

Okay. I think I can do that.

The finer logistics and material details are much less important than the big heart stuff. However, the reality remains that I need help to take this trip to serve Palestinian refugees, and I hope you’ll join me. I’m currently nearing halfway to my overall goal of $3,000 for my trip to the Middle East. So excited how people near and far, close friends and those I’ve not seen in a while but to whom I’ll always have a connection, are showing up for me and for Palestinian refugees. THANK YOU! If you haven’t yet given (or intend to), please consider making your donation today to help me reach my goal quickly. I need $700 to meet my next goal of covering all of my international flights and housing deposits. Can you help me get there today!? The sale of 4-5 more “Crushing Walls” prints would put me to this next milestone and well on my way to having my trip fully funded.

If you attended my gathering or if you’ve donated, you’re a part of peacemaking. Thank you for joining me in this process. Your partnership is so encouraging to me!

Fundraising Update - 06.21.19

You’ve helped me raise almost $1,000! Through cash donations and print sales, I’m nearly a third of the way to my goal of raising $3,000 by the end of July to cover travel expenses.

Did you hear I made a book? It’s a really neat way to support my trip and have some of my art on your coffee table!

Denver friends: you're invited to a party with a purpose THIS Sunday from 4-6PM! I'll be sharing about my upcoming trip to the Middle East with Beirut and Beyond- a project of Visions Made Viable to serve Palestinian refugees, and I'll be showing artwork for sale from my "Crushing Walls" photo series and a new book, a collection of those images. My friend Judy will be there with gorgeous Noonday Collection jewelry, my favorite fair-trade accessory brand! Part send-off, part support-raising, I hope you'll join me for appetizers, wine, art, and fun so I can see you before I leave the country for a month! RSVP here: http://evite.me/1S4kpfdFBD

Thank you for your support. Truly, I can’t do this work without you, and I wouldn’t want to. We’re more powerful together.

Fundraising Update - 06.06.19

If you’ve bought art from me during this sale or have donated any amount, I am so grateful for your support. Your prints are on the way soon! Originally, I only planned to sell the framed photos from my shows that were already on hand. However, the response to my print sale has been incredible and I’m hearing from you that you want me to make MORE prints. I didn’t expect to sell this many, and you’ve nearly cleared me out of the stock I had. SO, I want to make prints especially for you if you're interested in donating to my print sale! I would be thrilled to be able to give you the one you want for your support of my trip. I’ve just updated this site to include more image options. Available prints are 14x11, unframed, for a $150 donation to Beirut & Beyond in my name.

I’m honored to have my work on your walls as it means tearing down and crushing walls in the Middle East TOGETHER.

To make a donation and get an award-winning (unframed) print: please comment below or email me at shelbywilsondesign@gmail.com to claim your print and I’ll email to you the instructions for donation.

Will you keep showing up for me and for Palestinian refugees?